Good Government:
We Work For You

Your voice is one of the most important tools to influence policy, but do you feel heard by our city government? There are elected officials who fail to have two-way conversations with their constituents, numerous outdated city processes further limit access for those already struggling, and overall participation in local elections is uncomfortably low. It is not a surprise people distrust government; it fails to effectively provide them with the services they need. Why? It does not listen to its people.

Immediate Priorities

Participatory Budgeting

Ward 12, like every other ward, is given a set amount of funds it can use for various projects. You should have a say in how those funds are spent in your neighborhood whether it be improving roads, fixing lights, or beautifying the parks. I support implementing participatory budgeting to give all Ward 12 residents a voice in how we move forward together and invest in our future.

Political Transparency

You should know if a large corporation or highly influential person donates to a candidate’s campaign. You should know how each Alderman/woman and each committee votes on an issue. I support requiring the Clerk of the Board of Alderman to record all votes on bills and resolutions for public consumption. I also support all efforts to reduce the influence of lobbyists and creating a government more independent of special interest groups.

Update City Technology

We’ve all had to interact with a city entity at some point in our lives. The experience was likely cumbersome possibly taking a chunk of our day jumping from one office to the next. Our government should be accessible and user-friendly for all citizens. I support the modernization of city hall through the creation of one online portal across the city’s functions and agencies.

Long-Term Solutions

If politicians take the time to listen, we can rebuild trust in our government. If people trust their government, we can finally see new growth and revitalization for #STL.

Empower Community-Driven Solutions

Our city faces numerous issues, which affect each ward quite differently. Would it not make sense to give each community the needed resources to address those as they see fit? We’ve seen how blanket solutions fail to achieve any lasting success, and usually have zero effect on communities who need help the most. When government listens to people affected, it can create better targeted solutions resulting in less wasted resources and better efficiently at utilizing your tax dollars.

Rebuild Public
Trust in Government

Only 1,216 people voted in the special election for Ward 12 last year, and 2,385 people voted in 2019; the total population is over 7,500. Participation in government is vital to our success as a city, but it only comes from trust. We need to rebuild that trust in our government by holding elected officials to a higher and stronger accountability level. We need to know how politicians are using their time in office. After all, a government that works for the people is a government people trust.

Cultivate + Safeguard Economic Growth

St. Louis feels like it has been at a stand still for years now. We haven’t progressed forward like many of the other cities our size, and in multiple areas there are noticeable backslides. One of the easiest ways to help stimulate economic growth is supporting local small businesses in our own backyards and the union workers who are employed throughout our city. By focusing on these two groups and others, we can help spark city migration and improve the city’s reputation.

Let’s Use Our Voices. Together.