Our city is beautiful, vibrant, and made up of communities that are alive and ready to grow; however, we certainly have issues and faults that must be addressed. I’ve seen first-hand the injustices and gaps that run deeply throughout our city making it impossible for us to reach our full potential.

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Why I’m Running

As a St. Louis Public Library employee, I’ve sat in classrooms where teachers explained to me that the school couldn’t afford to purchase paper plates while others funded multiple language programs.

As an openly gay man, I possess compassion and empathy for those experiencing discrimination, because I understand having opportunities taken away from you based on something you cannot control.

As a public service employee for both the city and county, I learned it is possible to utilize a smaller budget to nevertheless offer the same, or even better, quality of services as those with larger budgets.

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Join Me

A vote for me as your Ward 12 Alderman means you value each St. Louisian. You believe all children matter and deserve equal opportunities. You believe we should listen to community needs rather than focus on silver bullet projects to improve our city. Most importantly, you believe the government should not only serve you better, but also our future generations, establishing a foundation guided by fierce compassion and radical empathy. You believe not in me, but us.

Join me in the fight for our future, and together we’ll rebuild St. Louis for a better tomorrow.

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Do you have a specific question on an issue? Do you want to meet me on a video call? Use either the email or phone number listed below or the contact form, and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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